• Chemische Fabrik Berg GmbH

    Mainthalstrasse 3
    06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Germany)

  • Benechim S.p.r.l.

    rue René Magritte 163 (North Zoning)
    B-7860 Lessines (Belgium)

  • Norchim S.A.S.

    33, quai d’Amont
    60340 Saint Leu d’Esserent (France)

  • Moehs Cántabra, S.L.

    Poligono Industrial Requejada
    39313 Polanco (Spain)

  • Moehs Ibérica, S.L.

    Headquarters: Pol. Ind. Cova Solera
    Roma, 8-12 08191 Rubí (Spain)

  • Moehs Catalana, S.L.

    Polígono Rubí Sur, César Martinell
    i Brunet, 12A, 08191 Rubí (Spain)

  • Coprima, S.L.

    Pablo Picasso, 15
    08213 Polinyà (Spain)

  • Proteos Biotech, S.L.

    Almansa 14
    02006 Albacete (Spain)

Chemische Fabrik Berg is a member of the Moehs Group (Spain), a subsidiary of PMC Global Inc., Sun Valley, California. The group has seven highly flexible, multi-purpose manufacturing sites: four in Spain (Moehs Catalana S.L., Moehs Cántabra, S.L., Coprima, S.L. and Proteos Biotech, S.L.), one in Belgium (Benechim), one in Germany (Chemische Fabrik Berg) and one in France (Norchim).

All companies integrated in the group specialize in the development and the production of pharmaceutical ingredients. They share synergies to optimize existing resources and develop a common global strategy for marketing APIs, fine chemicals, generics and custom-made products.

Like each member of the Moehs Group, Chemische Fabrik Berg is committed to providing excellent product quality and first-class service to customers.